Beregszász operates in the building of the Perényi Cultural Mansion, the youngest base of the Tulipán Tanoda.

The most significant owner of the Perényi Cultural Mansion was the Perényi family, who The one-storey castle was built in the 16th century, and the large estate was managed from here for a long time. On November 18, 1783, Baron Zsigmond Perényi was born here, a landowner, chief of Ugocsa County, a member of the National Defense Committee, and a martyr of the War of Independence of 1848–49. In 1999, on the 150th anniversary of his death, a memorial plaque was placed on the wall of the building.

In the park of the mansion there is a headstone preserving the memory of the linguist Pál Nagy Beregszász, who questioned the Finno-Ugric language relationship in Hungarian linguistics and was the rector of the Reformed Theology of Sárospatak between 1800-1803. In addition to the Tulip Tanoda, the building houses the cultural events, handicrafts, wine tastings and gastro-cultural events of the non-governmental organization Pro Cultura Subcarpathica.

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