Velyka Dobron

The Nagydobrony branch of the Tulipán Tanoda Hungarian School of Folk Art has been operating since 2019.

The education started with a folk violin and folk dance department, and from the following school year the training offer was expanded with zither education.

In the light of the living folk traditions and rich ethnographic values of Nagydobrony, the perspectives of Hungarian folk art education in the village are promising. There is a significant tradition of weaving and cross-stitch embroidery here. Folk pottery also has a long history in the village. Ancient motifs and forms nowadays id. and Jr. We can see it on the ceramics of Endre Hidi.

Nagydobrony’s diverse folklore treasure is also an inspiring medium for the teaching of folk music and dance, as local folk songs and ballads still live on the lips of the elders, and the steps of the Dobrony czardash were not forgotten.

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