About us


In 2016, the Transcarpathian Folk Music School commenced its operations within the establishment of the II. Ferenc Rákóczi Transcarpathian Hungarian College in close collaboration with Pro Cultura Subcarpathica. The activities of the school have expanded, attracting folk musicians who live and work nearby into its circle of instructors. Our institution, the Tulipán Tanoda Hungarian Folk Art School, was founded by the Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education. It was officially registered as a non-profit folk-art school in 2018. After the Petőfi programme was banned from Transcarpathia, Tulipán Tanoda took over its role in the region, which was institutionalised, expanded and broadened. The Tanoda has undertaken the task of promoting and passing on authentic Hungarian folk values to the younger generations, directing children towards organised folk music and folk dance ed¬ucation in Transcarpathia. The main task of the Tulipán Tanoda is to cultivate, preserve and pass on Hungarian folk-art values, folk traditions and folk music culture to the younger generation.

Within the Tulipan Tanoda network, there are three primary art schools in Beregszász, Péterfalva and Nagydobrony. In our art schools, at our outsourced workshops that function in the Tulipán Tanod¬as (Mátyfalva, Fancsika, Nagybereg, Csepe, Tiszaújhely) and in 75 other settlements of Transcarpathia, 2342 children are engaged with the help of 80 teachers.

In our organised activities, children have the opportunity to learn to play instruments (flute, folk violin, guitar- tambura, accordion, cimbalom, zither), folk singing and folk dance, and there are also craft and weaving workshops in several locations. We introduce children to Hungarian folk games in the kindergarten groups of the Hungarian settlements in Transcarpathia. The operation of the Tulipán Tanoda network is supported by the Hungarian Government.