• Folk singing

    Hungarian folk song is our musical mother tongue, so it is very important to keep it alive and get to know it as much as possible. The specialized tasks of…

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  • Folk violin

    In the folk violin department, our students can get to know the characteristic treasure of melodies of Hungarian folk music, the specific playing modes, decorations and technical peculiarities of different…

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  • The zither

    The zither is a popular folk instrument. The aim of the sessions is to introduce the possibilities of zither and the widest possible range of melodies that can be played…

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  • Folk dance

    Folk dance pedagogy develops a sense of balance and rhythm, the ability to cooperate and communicate, and spatial orientation. Folk dance is play and joy; it is an important tool…

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In 2016, the Transcarpathian Folk Music started its operation in the II. Ferenc Rákóczi Founded by the Hungarian College of Transcarpathia In close cooperation with Pro Cultura Subcarpathica. He undertook the hitherto uncovered area, the promotion and transmission of authentic Hungarian folk values to the younger generations, directing the children towards organized folk music and dance education in Transcarpathia. Zenede’s activities have expanded to include folk musicians living and working in the area of its premises. It was officially registered in Ukraine as the Tulipán Tanoda Hungarian Folk Art School in 2018. He considers it his task to nurture the Hungarian folk traditions and to pass them on to the children. Founder of the II. Ferenc Rákóczi Hungarian College of Transcarpathia.

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